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Liquidation De-Registration

Liquidation is the process of ceasing of operations of a company.

No matter of what type of business you own in the UAE, you must cancel your business license and all related permits associated with it when you have made your decision to close it down.

Liquidation Process

It is the process of selling all the assets of the company, paying creditors, distributing any remaining assets to the shareholders, and then dissolving the company. Liquidation can be a complicated and long process

involving a large number of different authorities and third-parties. AMCA is a legal liquidator for all LLC, mainland, free zone & offshore companies in UAE.

Liquidator’s Report

If a company enters into liquidation, a liquidator is appointed to investigate the company's financial affairs, and identify and sell unsecured assets for the benefit of creditors and shareholders. Liquidator is registered with the Registrar of Companies for conducting liquidations of regulated and non-regulated entities and submits his report to the respective authority.