Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

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The vast majority investors wanted to do business with less to zero worries when it comes to the location of their company. This is exactly the motivation why does businessmen and investors are attracted to do a business set up in Dubai Mainland for they have the right to undertake a business anywhere in Dubai and UAE.

Mainland Company Registration in the UAE

The most common Mainland Dubai Companies in the UAE can be delegated as follows:

  1. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

    Proceeding with your dream to set up a new mainland enterprise, you should have the option to have definite knowledge on how to run this type of company formation. As mentioned from our previous article , we clearly declared that in order to set up a Mainland Company, a local sponsor is important.

    For the LLC Company, a foreign investor can't be entitled to have 100% ownership of his enterprise. According to the law in the UAE Mainland, 51% of the entire share of a commercial company will be held by a UAE National (local sponsor or silent partner), while the remaining percentage which is 49% goes to foreign investor. This could intend that for LLC Company setup in Dubai, one of the responsibilities that will be carried on by the foreign investor is to hire a local Emirati sponsor.

    Regarding this, the local sponsor shall make an agreement in the court in which it will be expressed that he will not have any involvement in either the organization activity or profit sharing of the organization setup in Dubai Mainland.

    Additionally, there are limitations in the above-mentioned rule as it is confined to perform certain business undertakes such as the following:

    • Banking Business
    • Insurance Business
    • Money Investment Business
  2. Professional Company (Civil Work Company)

    Unlike the rules applied in LLC, a foreign investor can actually retain 100% ownership of the company’s shares in Civil Work Company. How is it possible? Professionals in the field of accounting, consulting, legal, doctors, and other related fields have the privilege to form a Mainland Company especially a Professional Company which is also known as Civil Work Company.

    In addition to this, a Civil Work Company needs to appoint a Local Service Agent to take care of the official procedures and to liaise with the different government ministries. This is really needed in registering the Civil Work Company with the Department of Economic Development (DED)

    Since a Civil Work Company is exclusively for the holders of professional licenses only, therefore it is important to obtain external approval from a corresponding government ministry before the license can be processed.

  3. Branch or Representative Office of Foreign Companies
    • Branch of a Foreign Company in the UAE:

      Setting up a foreign branch office in UAE enables you to perform the activities which are being offered by its parent organization. In any case, the activities to be performed by the foreign branch office is still subject for approval by the Ministry of Economy..

    • Representative Office in the UAE:

      Setting up a Representative Office enables you to likewise advertise and sell the services or products items by the parent company. In any case, a representative office cannot commercially trade or sign contracts in the UAE for it should be done by the parent company.

      The service agent isn't liable and or oblige in any financial affairs associated to the company either inside or outside the Emirate. This is mandated to complete the entire process of incorporation. The service agent is not liable and or oblige in any financial affairs connected to the company either inside or outside the Emirate.

AMCA: Your Partner in Setting Up your Business

AMCA, known to be focused to excellence and in-depth knowledge about business set-up, will help you in your mainland company formation in Dubai and UAE. With the assistance of our professional consultants, we will be dealing with your necessities needed for the formation. We will ill help you from the beginning of its process until the end, and we guarantee you to be untroubled while in the course of setting up your business.

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