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A company formation in the UAE indisputably offers good privileges to its investors. From having a conducive working environment to an easy accessibility along with safety and security, Dubai is indeed the best option for company formation.

Aside from the Mainland Company Formation and the Free Zone Company Formation, the Offshore Companies are similarly registered business entities that have non-resident status and is administered by the Offshore Company regulations and trade rules in the UAE. Amongst the benefits of having an Offshore Company is the capability of the foreign investors to grow their businesses internationally, which is outside the UAE’s jurisdiction. The UAE Offshore companies has the capability to manage, control and oversee companies and its properties, globally.

Advantages of Offshore Company Formation

  1. Full Foreign Ownership
    This type of company formation does not require to have a local shareholder which simply means that the foreign investors absolutely own the 100% share equity.
  2. Corporate Taxes Exemption
    There is no personal tax or corporation tax imposed to offshore companies.
  3. Apt Registration Processes
    The processes for the offshore company formation, from the initial up to the last, are considered as simple and does not manifest complication for the foreign investors. Upon the completion of all the required documents, the registration process can be completed with 3 to 4 working days only.
  4. Cheap Operational Costs
    The Offshore companies are not entitled to perform any registration for leasing purposes and other related activities. The offshore companies can run the business through the office of registered agents.
  5. No Requirement for the Share Capital
    The Registrar may require the company to pay their capital as adequate as the level of their proposed activities, but it has no requirements for any minimum share capital.
  6. Convenience in the Transferable Shares
    It is more convenient for the offshore companies to perform the transferable shares.
  7. Privacy
    The offshore companies can fully be benefited with the privilege of having the privacy.

These are just some of the benefits that the foreign investors may acquire from having offshore companies. Other advantages having the lawsuit protection for legal purposes, the assets are being completely protected through a legal system, and the registered agents can act on behalf of the investors to perform all the formalities for the company.

Start up your business with AMCA

Once you have decided to start up a business, you should also be prepared with all the documents and legalities you may probably encounter along the way of establishing your dream company. It might require you a lot of time in preparing all the required documents but it will never be a problem for AMCA is here to help you and assist you from the beginning until the end.

We will take care of preparing your documents and we will assure you to keep our eyes on every detail of the processing of your offshore company formation. With the help of our expert team, you will be guaranteed to fulfill your dreams of owning your company while not stressing yourself with all the legalities and formalities of setting up a business.