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Due to the astounding infrastructure, geologically favorable circumstances, and exceptional human resources, setting up a business in Dubai is one of the best decisions to consider. Dubai is known to be one of the fastest-growing economies that could help your business to be cultivated and likewise help you to grow as an individual and develop your skills as a professional.

However, do not let your ears hear what your eyes does not see, and do not let your mouth say what your heart does not feel. So do not just let these things and facts be stocked in your imagination, let yourself experience and witness the beauty and the privileges you may get in visiting and even staying and living in Dubai by getting your visa.

Visa is an approved entry in a particular country which can be given and granted to an individual who will successfully meet the requirements to either enter or visit the country. Such visa enables an individual to live in the country for a given amount of time and provides enough reason to whether an individual can just simply stay or might as well work in the country. AMCA offers Visa Services in the Dubai for both individuals and corporate clients. Through our PRO Services, our expert PROs will take care of your entire visa application processes.

What Visa Services do we offer?

  • Visa Application
    • Employment Visa An employment visa is one of the documents which an individual must be able to have if he/she has a plan to reside in the UAE. This document will allow an individual to stay in the country and likewise be legally employed in a particular UAE employer. In the UAE, an employment visa means you have an employer which acts as your sponsor for you to live and work in the UAE. It simply means that through employment visa, an individual can lawfully act or work with an employer inside the country without worrying any troubles with the authorities. The validity of employment visa depends on the sponsor and nature of the employment. The options for employment visa’s validity are one-year, two-year, and three-year validity. Individuals who are 18 years old and above are qualified to be employed in Dubai, meaning to say that these individuals are even eligible for getting the visa. Ideally, the visa processing time might take up to 2 weeks. Be that as it may, the Dubai working visa processing time might also vary depending on various factors.
    • Dependent Visa While you are being sponsored by your employer in the UAE, on the other hand, you can sponsor your spouse, children (below 18 years of age) and other dependents, like for instance your parents through dependent visa. How is it possible? Well, to be able to sponsor your family members to the UAE, the following must be able to be fulfilled:
      • For the male residents who are employed in the UAE, he must be able to meet the minimum wage of AED 3,000 with accommodation or AED 4,000 without accommodation in Dubai.
      • In Abu Dhabi, for the female expatriates, she must belong to one of the two categories as per the laws in the country.
        • If she is a teacher, medical professional, or engineer, she may sponsor a visa to her husband with a salary of AED 3,000 with accommodation or AED 4,000 without accommodation in Dubai.
        • If her job falls under different category, she must be able to meet the minimum wage of AED 9,000.
        • However, in Dubai, if a woman is not employed in one of these categories, she may still get approval to sponsor her family if her monthly salary will reach more than AED 10,000 and with get a special permission from the DNRD.
  • Visa Renewal The renewal of visa must be done by the sponsor before its expiration. The visa renewal is indeed necessary in able to let an individual to live legally in the UAE without worrying about the fines or facing legal consequences. On the other hand, a grace period of 30 days to stay in the UAE is given by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) to those residents after their visas expire
  • Visa Cancellation If you have decided to leave the country permanently and you have a residence visa sponsored either by your employer or by a family member, your residence visa must be cancelled officially.
  • Visa Amendment Under the Ministerial Resolution No. 377 of 2014, holders of all types of visas can modify their entry status while staying inside the country. This is if the holder wishes to transfer their visas into a residency visa. This must be done by the applicant before the expiry of his/her current visa to avoid any penalties.

How AMCA can assist you?

If you are seeking for PRO services, AMCA have well-trained PROs who can provide the best PRO services carrying out all the visa application in a systematic manner. A cozy completion of all the assigned works is an assurance provided by our committed and reliable PRO agents. With our help, we will work on all your administrative and PRO related tasks while you focus on your business and enhance business profitability.

As a corporate which is providing PRO Services in Dubai, we are dedicated in delivering comprehensive PRO solutions to our clients. We offer a service package that suitably addresses the business requirements, as quickly as possible.