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Setting up a business implies accepting to deal with a lot of possibilities which may emerge along the way of building the business. It might be risky, for it brings a lot of vulnerabilities for the investors. Nonetheless, the risks might be lessened if a thorough analysis will be done beforehand. As the adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure,” an in-depth feasibility study would be exceptionally vital for an organization to amplify all the potentials in the completion of the business ventures.

What is feasibility study?

A feasibility study is a thorough analysis to see all the risks and possibilities which may potentially exists right before the business projects. It profoundly examines all the elements for business set up such as economic, technical, legal, and scheduling considerations which is an approach to determine the probability of completing the project successfully.

With the help of the feasibility study, being able to see the risks in advance is possible and this could mean to consider the strategic ways on how to forestall it and avoid it.

Simple. If you want your project business to be successful in its making, consider having your feasibility study. This assessment will give you the clear answer if your project would be feasible or not.

Understanding the Goals of the Feasibility Study

The feasibility study seems to be a magnifying glass which has the capability to augment and heighten those which seems to be just tiny issues and promptly put a solution in it just before it completely tear down the project. It helps the investors to be extensively mindful of the problems that can possibly occur while carrying out the undertaking. This has been so possible because the feasibility study has the extensive capacity to understand the project in all aspects and views such as its concept and plan.

Right after considering all the significant factor, it would be the time to determine whether the project is feasible and worth undertaking.

Elements of Feasibility Study

  1. Legal Feasibility
    Performing investigations with the proposed projects, the legal feasibility focuses on all the legal aspects of the project and gives appropriate findings on whether the project has made good decisions in all facets.
  2. Economic Feasibility
    Serves as the independent project assessment, the economic feasibility boosts the so-called “credibility of the project” through characterizing its viability, cost, and also focusing on the benefits associated with a project before the financial resources are allocated.
  3. Technical Feasibility
    Focusing on the technical resources in the organizations, a technical feasibility helps in determining whether the organization has able to fulfill the guidelines in converting the ideas into working systems.
  4. Operational Feasibility
    Aiming to determine whether the project plan fulfills the analysis phase’s prerequisites, the operational feasibility gives emphasis on how well the necessities of the project can be met by completing it.
  5. Scheduling Feasibility
    The scheduling feasibility will estimate the number of times needed to complete the whole project.

AMCA: Your Project Advisor

Wanting and visualizing to make your dreams of having your own company to be tangible, but worried about the risks and possibilities which possibly arise in building your project? Countless ideas and plans for your projects, however hesitant to face challenges and lose money because of indiscreet choices? Certainly, you need to conduct a feasibility study!

With AMCA, we will give you assistance in assessing your project’s chances of success. Focusing on all aspects of your projects, magnifying the problems beforehand of your project plan, and formulating solutions on it, AMCA will serve as your backbone along the completion of your project.

We will turn your vulnerabilities to confidences and your worries to assurances!