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The Expansion of 10-Year Golden Visa Eligibility in the UAE

On Sunday, November 15, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai made the announcement regarding the expansion of the 10-year UAE Golden Visa system to more classes of professionals which will be effective starting next month.

The extension of the 10-year golden visa aims to attract and encourage the foreign professionals to settle in the United Arab Emirates for longer.

This golden visa extension is also an advantage to the family of the Golden Residency holders, particularly to the spouse and children, for they will also be offered the 10-year golden visa.

In able to be eligible for the golden visa, all the categories shall have a valid employment contract in a specialized field inside the UAE.

Are you Eligible for the Golden Visa?

The list of the professionals that are eligible for the Golden Visa Application are as follows:

  1. Medical Doctors - aiming to strive for excellence in the field of health care, mostly today that the country is still in the middle of the global pandemic, the 10-year golden visa is now extended to all the professional doctors. On the other hand, this is a great news for all the doctors who are continuously serving the country using their vast approaches in fighting the pandemic.
  2. PhD Degree holders – Under the law, all the professionals who are holding PhD Degree are likewise eligible for the Golden Visa.
  3. Engineers - Engineers from the different fields may likewise obtain the 10-year visa. They are as follows:
    • Computer Engineer
    • Electronic Engineer
    • Programming Engineer
    • Electrical Engineer
    • Biotechnology Engineer
  4. Highly Qualified Individuals - The 10-year golden visa is also a privilege gotten by those highly-qualified individuals who achieved high score of 3.8 or more from accredited universities.
  5. Specialized Degree holders - Other qualifiers for the golden visa are those professionals holding specialized degree in artificial intelligent, big data and epidemiology.

Prior to this 10-year golden visa, all the foreigners in the UAE usually have renewable visas valid only for specified years under the employment. In the following years, the government had made several amendments regarding the validity as well as the renewal of the visa in the UAE. In the year 2018, the government of the UAE had announced about a long-term visa plan followed by the granting of 5-year and 10-year renewable visas in the year 2019. The 5-year and 10-year visas are only given to certain individuals.

Meanwhile, the wealthy foreign retirees are also given the privilege to renew their visas every five years as per the Emirate in Dubai, the Middle East Trade and Tourism Hub.

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26 May 2021

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