Coronavirus Smashes 2020

Coronavirus Smashes 2020

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Year 2020 is definitely different from the usual years in the past. Who would have thought facing and living in a world with an unseen “foe”? (But hopefully, the world can vanquish this pandemic, soon.) Are you one of those whose asking, “when will everything go back to normal?” When I say “normal”, it implies to the way we live before – without worries, without fear, without sadness, and with genuine happiness.

Everyone is affected by this pandemic – no excuses, no favoritisms, no preferences. From the little ones to the oldests, we are all enduring with its outcomes and impacts. But we must live! We must continue to survive! Not this pandemic will ever stop us from living, however, living in a new norm today. This is the reason why does the actions which will be taken by the government of one country will play a vital role in battling this CoVid-19.

The protection products against the deadly virus known as coronavirus become part of our day by day lives. Going out while wearing mask and even gloves is now part of everyone’s OOTD. No one is allowed to go outside without wearing these stuff. Aside from the fines that we may get from not wearing it, obviously, we, as a whole, needed to remain safe in the midst of the pandemic that hits worldwide. Also, using sanitizers becomes a necessity nowadays for it is also one way to protect ourselves from any kind of viruses.

Ward off the Coronavirus

Zero-Rated VAT for Face Masks and Sanitizers in UAE

From the head start of the coronavirus, the United Arab Emirates had been prepared and equipped for the worst-case scenarios brought by CoVid-19.

In fact, a week ago, on the 1st of September, the United Arab Emirates Cabinet just adapted a resolution requiring all the medical equipments such as disposable suits, hand sanitizers, face masks, respirators for air purification, and gloves to be subjected to zero-rated value added tax (VAT). This is to help the people to be protected from the viruses, as well as to ease the implication of Covid-19. Moreover, this resolution plans to help and secure the medical care division in the country.

In addition to that, the basic rules and regulations to stay away from CoVid-19 are still strictly monitored in all places in the UAE, most especially in the crowded areas. Such rules and regulations are the following:

  1. Wearing of mask is mandatory
  2. Social distancing is monitored (implemented also inside the public transportation)
  3. Handshaking is prohibited
  4. Using of sanitizers is advised
  5. Washing of hands is strongly suggested

Together, We will Fight!

The discipline and cooperation of all the people with respect to the plan to fight the CoVid-19 is truly significant. Everyone must conform with the rules and regulations not only for the sake of being a good follower but most importantly, for own’s sake and safety.

The end for this pandemic might not be clear and explicit as of now, but we can at least lessen the current number of the positive cases by following the world’s protocol for this. As of now, our responsibility is to take care of ourselves every single day.

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