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The Golden Visa: Everything you need to know

The Golden Visa: Everything you need to know

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The UAE government launched its golden visa initiative in 2019. It enables expatriates of specific categories to apply for a long-term visa and become self-sponsored. 

Further, residents with golden visas can also sponsor their families for UAE residency visas of the same duration. 


  • Self-sponsorship 

  • Sponsorship opportunities for families 

  • Mainland UAE business ownership

  • A limitless number of trips to and from the UAE 

  • A 10-year renewable residence visa.

  • Spouses and children of visa holders are eligible for the residence visa.

  • Visas/work permits for domestic workers have no maximum limit.

  • A prospective visa holder's entry permit is valid for six months, allowing multiple entries while the visa process is in progress.

  • The family members of the original visa holder may remain in the UAE until the expiration of their residence permits.

  • The cost of getting the 10 years golden residency is almost the same as getting the 2-3 years standard visa.


As part of the Golden Visa scheme, several significant changes have been made to simplify eligibility criteria and expand the categories. These long-term 10-year visas are thus eligible for investors, scientists, outstanding academicians, and frontline workers.

Among the changes made by the amendments are that Golden Visa holders can sponsor family members, including children and spouses, regardless of age, in addition to sponsoring support services (domestic helpers) without restrictions. Furthermore, Golden Residency does not restrict the time the holder can spend outside the UAE.

Upon the death of the primary holder of a UAE Golden Visa, family members may remain in the country until the expiration of the permit.

According to the UAE Cabinet, the eligibility criteria for Golden Visa UAE now include the following:

  • Golden Visa for scientists
    As the Emirates Scientists Council recommended, this residence is reserved for scientists and researchers with high achievements and influence. Applicants from top universities in engineering, technology, life sciences, and natural sciences should hold a Ph.D. or master's degree and have substantial research experience.

  • Golden Visa for exceptional talents
    This visa can be granted to talented individuals who meet the requirements. The evaluation is based solely on the applicant's skills, regardless of their educational background, employment status, monthly salary, or their level of professional experience.
    An applicant must have the recommendation or approval of a federal or local government entity and be considered for positions in culture, sport, design, digital technology, invention, and other vital fields.

  • Athletes
    To apply for a UAE Golden Visa, applicants excelling in different sports activities must obtain a recommendation letter from one of the Sports Councils or the General Sports Authority.

  • Holders of Doctoral degrees
    For those with doctoral degrees in their profession and a valid work contract, a copy of the Ph.D. must be provided.

  • Doctors
    A wide range of specializations is available in this field. You can choose from a number of license options on the government portal. The umbrella includes veterinary doctors as well. To practice medicine, the doctor needs a letter from the Ministry or Health Authority of the country.

  • Inventors
    Inventors must submit a patent to the Ministry of Economy to prove that their inventions add value to the country's economy.

  • Executive Directors
    A professional with top company positions, such as a General Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, or any position in which you can provide a salary certificate of AED 50,000 & prove you have held that position for no less than five years, is deemed eligible to apply through this category.

  • Specialists in Engineering & Science
    To apply for these specializations, you will need a valid work contract that mentions your specialty: Epidemiology and Virology, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Genetic Engineering, and Biotechnology Engineering.

  • Dubai Cultural Visa
    This is the first time in the world that a long-term cultural visa has been offered, allowing creative talents to reside for 10 years. This sector includes music, fine arts, photography, film and video production, video game development, fashion, graphics, product design, landscape design, architectural services, advertising services, and information technology and software development.

  • Golden Visa for professionals
    Finding highly trained professionals in medicine, science, engineering, information technology, management, education, and the law has become increasingly challenging. An employment contract must be valid in the UAE. They should be classified under ISCO at the first or second level, with a salary no less than Dh30,000 per month and a minimum educational background.

  • Golden Visa for real estate investors
    Those who purchase property worth at least Dhs2 million can obtain a Golden Visa.

  • Golden Visa for real estate investors
    Investing through local banks to qualify for the Golden Visa has been made possible as a result of the new amendments. Furthermore, Golden Residency is available to investors who invest at least Dhs2 million in off-plan properties from authorized local developers.

  • Golden Visa for entrepreneurs
    A flexible set of requirements by administrative regulations determines eligibility for the Golden Visa for entrepreneurs. A startup in the SME category must have at least Dhs1 million in annual revenue and be registered in the country.
    To qualify for a Golden Visa, as well as a business incubator or local authority, the startup idea must be approved.
    The Golden Visa is also available to people who are founders (or one of the founders) of entrepreneurial projects that have sold for not less than Dhs7 million. Furthermore, the Ministry must approve all ideas and projects developed by the Economy or local authorities.

  • Golden Visa for outstanding students and graduates
    Students and graduates with exceptional academic records from UAE universities and the top 100 universities worldwide can apply for the visa based on specific criteria, including academic performance, graduation year, and university classification.

  • Golden Visa for Humanitarian Pioneers
    In addition to distinguished members of international and regional organizations, outstanding members of public benefit organizations, recipients of humanitarian awards, or donors to humanitarian efforts, the newly amended golden visa can also be applied for by distinguished volunteers and sponsors.

  • Golden Visa for Frontline Workers
    In extreme cases such as the Covid-19 pandemic, a Golden Visa may be granted to frontline workers who have shown extraordinary efforts in the face of a crisis.

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20 Sep 2022

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