Expired Residency Grace Periods Extended

Expired Residency Grace Periods Extended

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Sponsorship rules eased: 4 points to note

Several laws have been changed in the UAE to make the country more appealing to skilled expatriates, including family visas.

UAE Cabinet details earlier announced more benefits to facilitate family members' residence. For example, if a residence permit is revoked or has expired, residents will be granted a "longer grace period of up to six months" to remain in the country.

If you plan on sponsoring a family in the UAE, here are some changes you need to be aware of:

1. Sons & Daughters Sponsorship Extended

According to the new UAE visa rules, parents can sponsor their sons up to 25 instead of the previous 18-year limit. In addition, children with disabilities are granted a special permit, and unmarried daughters can be sponsored for an indefinite period.

2. Green Visa

In contrast to the previous two-year rule, investors can now bring their families for five years during the five-year Green Visa for Investors. In addition, self-employed people, freelancers, skilled workers, etc., are eligible for the Green Visa.

In addition, candidates must possess a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in a specific field and be paid a salary of at least Dh15,000. Green Visa holders may also sponsor first-degree relatives. The residence permit is granted regardless of the child's age to children of determination.

3. Golden Visa

Family members sponsored by the holder of the 10-year visa are not subject to age restrictions. However, they and their families are also no longer allowed to stay outside the UAE for some time to keep their visas valid.

In case of the death of a Golden Visa sponsor, family members can stay in the UAE until the expiration of their residency permit. It is also possible for them to sponsor domestic workers without any restrictions.

Individuals can obtain a Golden Visa if they are exceptional talent, an entrepreneur, frontline heroes, top students, have purchased a property worth more than Dh2 million, or have purchased a property worth more than Dh1 million.

4. Humanitarian Cases

Women whose husbands passed away and have at least one child will be issued residence permits. Additionally, it applies to parents of UAE citizens with foreign passports whose children hold UAE passports.

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13 Sep 2022

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