Get your Lifetime Investor Visa in UAE

Get your Lifetime Investor Visa in UAE

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Notwithstanding the current pandemic that hits all around the world, it tends to be seen an expanding interest for firing up new organizations in the UAE. Amidst the transformations happening in the world from then to now, there are still heaps of business visionaries who's the apple of the eyes is to connect themselves in setting-up a business.

A "Lifetime Investor Visa" may not be new for some who has been exposed to the measures of business setup in Dubai and the rest of the UAE. Be that as it may, for a few, it is something new and may sound so interesting, right? However, what does it truly mean?

Set up your Business and Get your Lifetime Visa!

"lifetime visa" option is NOT one of the options accessible officially from the UAE Government. Commonly, the validity of the residence visa is from two years to three years, relying upon the jurisdiction. So, what does a lifetime visa mean? There are business set-up companies which fundamentally offer this "visa for life" or a "lifetime investor visa" which aims to offer an assistance through a process of payment for the renewal of visa on your behalf, either every two years or three years.

I am still confused; would you be able to please expound it more?

A particular business set up company can cover the administrative cost for that, within the other charges you pay for, which are incurred as and when your business licenses are renewed. The offer is supposed to be an advertising strategy of some business arrangement advisors which offer a heap of services to encourage more investors and businessmen to start up a new business.

Such offers are provided by some business centers given that the costs for the renewal of visa are quite low, most particularly for the three-year investor visa. The centers pay that cost, instead of the client, and at the time of renewal, they will be collecting the fees for the office rent, sponsorship, and other renewal costs from the clients. The visa renewal cost with Emirates ID application for a three-year investor visa is around Dh845.

This package actually becomes popular, particularly during Covid-19, proving that the pandemic did not hinder the minds of the aspiring individuals from having their own businesses.

An increasing demand for starting up new businesses become so well-liked in the UAE for the previous months while facing the global pandemic. This fact is a proof that even at the center of a big dilemma, people will always find ways to harmonize positively to what the world throws towards them. People are naturally smart and strategic. Some says that they would like to just pursue the business they have had and accept the open door of having an all-time low cost in setting up a business. Some says that they need extra revenue to support their current income, while some says that they lost their jobs and might want to bet everything on their own business. At the top of these reasons, people say that they would like to set up a new business to secure their families, most especially in these gloomy times that everyone is grappling with. These are the reasons behind the creation of this product. Likewise, such product aims to ensure the aspiring entrepreneurs that they can set up the business they are dreaming without breaking the bank, while providing security to their family.

Why should I get a Lifetime Visa?

The payment process of the visa renewal and the process of the renewal of visa will not give a headache and stress to the business owner as all of these will be done through the help of the business setup consultants. However, make sure to always find out what the business setup consultant, which will eventually offers you a “lifetime investor visa”, is charging you for and how you would continue to have a visa by paying for their services.

In addition to that, aspiring entrepreneurs must know what the right questions are to ask before signing up for a service, such questions are as follows:

  1. Jurisdiction that would apply based on the Emirate (Mainland or Free zone)
  2. Validity of License
  3. Annual Intervals
  4. Visas to be renewed
  5. Number of Visa included in the package
  6. Number of activities on the license

It is mentioned that a lifetime investor visa is not possible if the license is not valid.

Business Setup in Dubai

Regardless how tedious it is to set up a new company, AMCA, where you can find the best business set up consultants in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, is here to showcase our skills in terms of company formation services. We are honored to work with the aspiring entrepreneurs and offer our services based on the work demands, may it be regarding Mainland Company Formation, Free Zone Company Formation and Offshore Company Formation. Our expert business set-up consultants will apply for a suitable operating license and submit all required documents to the authorities on your behalf. Also, we will take care of all pre-approvals, so you do not even need to lift a finger.

You can count on us for the following company formation:

  1. Mainland Company Formation in Dubai - also known as the onshore companies, the Dubai mainland company formation and UAE mainland company formation, can perform business activities inside the local area and outside the UAE without any restriction.
  2. Free Zone Company Formation UAE free zones do not necessarily need a local partner or sponsor since 100% of ownership is given to the expat
  3. Offshore Company Formation an offshore company formation in Dubai and the rest of the UAE means the establishment of company in another jurisdiction while its parent corporation is in another country.
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11 Oct 2020

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