UAE Launches First-Of-Its-Kind:

UAE Launches First-Of-Its-Kind:

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The Golden Pension Scheme

In an effort to expand its suite of financial planning solutions for nationals and residents, National Bonds, the UAE's leading Shari'a-compliant savings and investment company, has launched a new Golden Pension Scheme.

With its launch on 11th October 2022, the Golden Pension Plan offers a flexible and customizable solution for employers with a large employee base.

Corporates registered with National Bonds can now support their employees' financial goals through a unique initiative created in response to increased demand from employers and employees.

Through the attractive competitive returns offered by National Bonds under this program, employees of registered corporates will get a head start in retirement planning and strengthen their financial resilience. The scheme is targeted at 89 % of the UAE's population that are ex-pats.

According to the new proposal, employees can save as little as AED 100 each month, earn a profit on the amount saved, and use this profit to enhance their earned gratuity.

It helps organizations plan for end-of-service financials and support employee retention efforts.

In addition to viewing their pension portfolio in real-time, employees can view their savings through National Bonds' easy-to-use mobile application. Furthermore, they can access National Bonds' rich reward program of AED 35 million and Life Takaful cover through local Takaful firms.

In Aiming to make the UAE a preferred workplace, the scheme allows employers to invest in their employees' end-of-service funds to increase their gratuity income.

The company will be able to make a lump sum contribution or monthly contributions on behalf of the employee. In addition to the end-of-service amount being placed in the Golden Pension Plan scheme in accordance with the agreed-upon terms, customers will also receive prizes and rewards as part of the plan.

It offers competitive profit rates on employee contributions, an attractive structure for end-of-service benefit placements, an innovative employee retention tool, increased employee morale, and a monthly deposit option.

Among the benefits provided to employees are affordable monthly contribution rates, competitive profit rates, visibility regarding end-of-service benefits, profits returns, and winnings, as well as transparency regarding the calculation of profit and holdings.


13 Oct 2022

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