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What is the UAE's blue visa and who can apply?

What is the UAE's blue visa and who can apply?

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With an aim to encourage sustainability and the safeguarding of the country’s environment, the United Arab Emirates has newly introduced the “Blue Visa,” which offers up to 10-year residency for individuals with exceptional contributions to the environment. As per Dr. Al Jaber, Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology UAE and COP28 President, this initiative will solidify the UAE’s role as a global leader in sustainability, environmental stewardship, and nature conservation. The UAE government proceeded with this initiative as they believe that the development of the economy and environment is interconnected. The Blue Visa is part of the UAE Year of Sustainability, which has been extended from 2023 to 2024.

What is the UAE Blue Visa?

The UAE Blue Visa is a long-term residency program offered to environmental advocates who have made remarkable contributions to environmental protection, whether marine, land, air, or sustainable technologies. To attain the UAE Blue Visa, there is no requirement to be sponsored by any corporation. With its significant inclusion of sustainability, the Blue Visa has become another initiative of the UAE for 10-year long-term residency, following the Golden Visa for exceptional talents, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Who is eligible for the Blue Visa?

The UAE Blue Visa is provided to the following individuals:

  • Members of international organizations
  • International companies
  • Associations and non-governmental organisations
  • Global award winners
  • Distinguished activists
  • Researchers in environmental work

How to apply for the UAE Blue Visa?

how to appy for uae blue visa

Sustainability advocates and experts can directly apply to the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security to obtain a Blue Visa. They can also attain it through nomination by a competent authority in accordance with the regulations.

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Other Visa Services provided by AMCA:

amca visa service

  • Golden Visa: Offered to exceptionally talented individuals, the Golden Visa is a long-term residency visa of up to 10 years that allows foreign talents to work, study, live, or reside in the UAE with a range of exclusive benefits. Investors, scientists, entrepreneurs, outstanding students, and graduates are among the individuals eligible for the Golden Visa.


  • Green Visa: Through a Green Visa, international talent can sponsor themselves for up to 5 years without the requirement of a sponsoring company.


  • Remote work visa: Remote work visa or Virtual Working Programme is granted to certain individuals meeting the qualifying requirements to reside and work remotely from the UAE for a limited duration of 12 months. A physical workspace or office is not required for obtaining a remote work visa.

21 Jun 2024

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