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Visa Opportunities for Real Estate Investors

Visa Opportunities for Real Estate Investors

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Several new visa options have been announced in the previous months, which is set to increase the number of people looking to make the UAE their home. Although the country is well known as an international travel hub and a popular tourist destination, residence visa policies were previously restricted to business owners, investors, and those already employed.

As a result of recent changes, our communities can now expect a flood of skilled workers – from young job seekers to entrepreneurs and investors who can take up residency for up to six months with Business Entry Visas and with Temporary Work Mission Permits, which allow 90-day stays. In addition, the new Residence Policies will end the need for a sponsor, thus making them more attractive to digital nomads, freelancers, and families.

The UAE's new visa policies are also expected to spur a staggering demand for real estate investors. Accordingly, the UAE will assist such individuals in getting the Residency Visa.

In accordance with the Dubai Land Department, 3 categories of real estate investments are available for people to avail of residencies.

Investor Visa

In this service, you can apply for a two-year renewable residency visa for a real estate investor with a property valued at AED 750k or more at the time of purchase, along with your spouse and children.

  1. It is necessary to have a property worth at least AED 750k
  2. If the property is mortgaged, 50 % or AED 750k must be paid to the bank.
  3. If there is a share in a property, husbands and wives must own at least AED 750k of the property.
  4. A Power of Attorney will be required if the investor applies on their behalf.

Golden Visa – Investor

In this service, real estate investors can apply for a 10-year renewable residency visa if their property is worth AED 2 million or more at the time of purchase, and their spouses and children can be sponsored.

  1. The applicant must own at least one or share a property valued at least AED 2 million.
  2. When the property is mortgaged, a letter from the bank issuing the visa showing the amount paid and the remaining amount is required.

Golden Visa – Retired

Investors who own a property valued at AED 1 million or more at the purchase are eligible for a 5-year renewable residency visa, and their spouses and children may be sponsored.

  1. Over the age of 55, the applicant must be eligible to apply
  2. A property worth at least one million dollars (fully paid, not mortgaged) under the applicant's name OR a deposit of one million dollars in a local bank for three years with a letter from the bank stating that the deposit cannot be released within three years.
  3. One property may be shared by husband and wife (a marriage certificate is required).

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05 Dec 2022

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