Office Assistant

We are urgently looking for an experienced Office Assistant.

Job Description:

  • Reporting delivery
  • Purchasing and maintaining pantry items.
  • Collecting cheque(s)
  • Cleaning the office, including the bathroom and the balcony, in the morning.
  • Cleaning the office furniture, workstation, doors, and floor.
  • Cleaning the balcony, bathroom, and pantry in the afternoon.
  • Maintaining a clean office
  • Cleaning the glasses.
  • Cleaning the utensils.
  • Scanning the documents and old files.
  • Arranging files for file opening.
  • Keeping stationery items.
  • Searching and maintaining the files.
  • Stamping reports ready for delivery.
  • Doing decorations for birthday celebrations.
  • Coordinating with the carpenter, security guard, and water supplier.
  • Taking care of old company documents like employee files, client documents, and files.
  • Assisting the clients who arrive at the office.
  • Making coffee for the clients.
  • Taking care of misuse or excess consumption of office belongings like stationery items, coffee, tea, etc.
  • Pasting the stickers on files and doors wherever necessary.
  • Taking care of Parking Cards.
  • Purchasing foods for Staff (occasionally).
  • Purchasing for the IT material.
  • Recharging the Salik Card/Metro Card.